Wrapping machines

For peeled, ground, polished bars and tubes

Wrapping machines system – SteelRing

Is a fully automatic and modular system to apply the protective Nylon Spirals onto drawn, peeled, ground, polished bars/tubes to prevent any damages and/or scratches during the processing, handling, storage and transport. The Wrapping Machines SteelRing are usually placed at the end of the production line directly under the outlet feeder rollers or at the unloading bench through fixed supports.

Wrapping machine on unloading bench

Wrapping machine on outlet feeder rollers

Reduction of the production time:
• Fast and simultaneous application of multiple Nylon Rings onto bar/tube.
• Optimal Nylon Rings fixing.
• The Wrapping Machines are directly placed at the end of the production line.
• Adaptability to different diameters of the round bars/tubes.

Reduction of the production costs:
• Fully automated and no labour force required.
• Less waste or damaged Nylon Rings.
• Safe handling of the bars/tubes.
• Bars are not damaged and/or scratched during the impacts.

Customers benefit:
• Surface Scratches Removal
• Noise Reduction
• Shock Absorption
• Friction Removal
• Crash Prevention

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