Straightening machines

For round bars and tubes

Automatic straightening machines

Automatic straightening machines are designed to face and solve the problem of the straightness of round bars and tubes, a decisive factor in the often-underestimated production cycle.

Steel Motion manufactures automatic straightening systems for round rolled, hardened and ground bars and tubes of different dimensions and offers a range of technological solutions and customized innovations based on the specific production needs of the customer.

The straightening process is completely automatic and does not require any operator assistance.
The straightening machine detects the points in which the bar/tube needs straightening through gauges, the information is processed by the software which determines the best straightening sequence.

Production process steps:
• Bar/tube loading on the loading stockhouse
• Bar/tube positioning on the straightening station
• Scanning by gauges along the entire bar/tube length
• Position detection and determination of the thrust to be applied for straightening
• Automatic straightening of the bar/tube
• Checking of the bar/tube straightness
• Handling of the bar/tube to the unloading area

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